Did you know wicker migrated from Asia to the Nile, to Europe, and then America? This long-lasting form of furniture making has spanned generations and continues to be a favorite today. As styles change, wicker furniture adapts and continues to hold its own as one of the most commonly used types of furniture. From baskets to headboards, wicker furniture finds its way into just about every room in our homes. If you are considering an eclectic look to your home or sunroom, consider natural wicker or rattan. Decorate the curves and spirals with tinted accents and add unique pillows and lighting to the room. Natural wicker will balance the colors of the room and help add a bit of elegance to the space you are creating. Match the furniture with Victorian-style marbled side tables and Tiffany style lamps and your room will come to life. For some, it is the call of the sea that leads them to use wicker in the decorating. Typically associated with tropical settings, wicker can be neutral colors like white or natural, or bold like navy or red. Mix them with nautical ropes, burlap or marine striped pillows, and an old wooden chest and you have a room any sailor would be proud to call home. Create an enchanting space for your daughter with a wicker bedroom. Traditionally white, wicker bedroom sets can be painted any color of your child’s choosing. Place accent pieces around the room and you have the perfect space that will grow from a child to teen to adult. So you have a contemporary room, so what! Wicker furniture is no longer just the dainty feminine wicker of by-gone days. There are boxy, tightly woven types of wicker furniture in dark modern colors. The sculptural pieces can be used to add a sense of comfort and warmth to a modern space. Simple wicker pieces can mix with your current upholstered pieces to change the whole mood of a room. Use pillows from your current pieces to tie the wicker into the design space, and you have an entirely new look. Take the time to find the right piece of furniture to match the style and feel of the room you are decorating. Remember, one piece or a room full of furniture, wicker can add a bit of whimsy, pop, or art to any decorating scheme. If you are new to wicker or want to learn more, stop by WickerWorld today and talk to one of our associates about how wicker can make a difference in your rooms.