Custom cushions enhance the beauty of our outdoor furniture and wicker, not only that, they increase the comfort of the piece while we are sitting in it. Some fabrics are designed to withstand the outdoor elements, and some are not, but there are some things you can do to ensure your cushions last longer.

Shake it up! Yucky things build up on your cushions. Things like pollen, leaves, bugs, and other things that can be brought in by the wind. Leaving these things on your cushions can help mildew to develop, an even nastier mess that isn’t very easy to clean up. Shaking your cushions periodically helps remove the debris and build up that is occurring. Not only that, but shaking will save your clothing too.

Mother Nature can be fickle, one minute its bright and sunny, the next…. Constant exposure to the effects of Mother Nature can begin to wear on your new cushions. If it starts to rain, bring your cushions inside or purchase furniture covers for the rainy season. After the rain wait until things are dry and remove the covers or return the cushions.

When your cushions are not in use because of seasonal changes, store them. Storing your cushions in plastic bags help prevent buildup from debris, snow, rain, and sun, as well as the occasional small animal looking for a warm place to burrow. Be sure the plastic bag has plenty of air flow to avoid the previously mentioned mildew (kind of defeats the purpose of storing them if that happens, don’t you think?).

Choose cushion materials specially made to withstand the outdoors. Today there are many options of outdoor fabrics to match just about any décor and these materials are made to withstand the rain, snow, and sun. If you live in a humid area, look for ones that are mildew resistant.

Periodically turn your cushions over for even wear and tear.

See spot disappear. If you find a spot on your new cushion, treat it immediately. Spot cleaning will help your cushions retain their new look, just be sure to test a small area for any color changes first.

These simple things will help you preserve the life and look of your custom cushions from Wickerworld.